Value Acceleration
and Business

Primarily serving the C-suite offices (CEO, CFO and COO), the Capstone Lawrence Project Teams, comprised of our Project Leadership & Subject Matter Experts, are assembled around the client’s specific need(s), and designed to work either independently or alongside internal stakeholders to achieve project objective(s). We have been most effective when our clients’ deploy us to address critical business initiatives and/or challenges that they have not been able to address adequately or timely with their own internal resources.

Every engagement embodies our firm’s two pillar objectives:
from “Top-line” sales growth down to EBITDA improvement

Our firm is led by a team of professionals who are former Big 4 and/or senior corporate professionals with various backgrounds across Financial services and Commercial entities, but who have also fostered their expertise in the start-up and small to medium sized business market(s). Each brings the experience and knowledge founded in years of domestic and international roles across many industries. Our approach is a very hands-on and collaborative strategy that optimizes the relationship and thought leadership between our team and our clients’ stakeholders.

Choosing a consulting strategy and partner are very important steps for any company. Our approach is simple…(1) Keep engagement teams small and agile; (2) deploy only hands-on knowledgeable and expert staff & resources; and (3) staff engagements with professionals who are dedicated to our firm and the client engagement/objective at hand. By following this strategy we eliminate excessive managerial oversight, we deploy engagement teams through end of project and keep project costs within budget. It all translates directly into a more effective and efficient solution for our clients.