Capstone Lawrence operates two separate groups within its business model. The first group, The Family Office, invests in entities with high growth potential in existing or new markets where there is both a “capital need” to achieve sales levels backed by a secured/committed sales backlog AND a need for active management support/advisory resources. We are an active investor with investments that range from $500,000 to $3mm. The second group is the Gobal Restructuring & Turnaround team whose professionals possess both technical expertise gained from years of industry knowledge, and practical experience in hands-on leadership capacities directing or redirecting corporate operations in the pursuit of the restructured/turnaround objectives.

We are led by a team of professionals who are former Big 4 and/or senior corporate professionals with varying backgrounds across Financial Services and Commercial Entities. They have also fostered their expertise in the start-up and small to medium-sized business markets. Our team brings experience founded in years of domestic and international roles across many industries, allowing us to act as as an extension of the PE and FO teams. We provide the necessary expertise, bandwidth, and advisory services as needed in order to ensure that our clients can rely on our interim management of their portfolio company, while developing a long term transition transformation plan based on their stated objectives.

Every engagement, regardless of an investment by our Family Office
or a restructuring/turnaround engagement, embodies our firm’s two pillar objectives:
from “Top-line” sales growth down to EBITDA improvement


Partnering with the primary stakeholders in the Private Equity and Family Office sectors, we collaboratively create the project plan and then become the execution team carrying out the on-site activities in order to achieve the objectives at hand. Our work can start at the very top in Revenue and Sales Management, and can go down to operations, administrating and reporting, treasury and finance. We build a project plan around the client’s strengths, the portfolio company’s strengths, and our own strengths in order to produce the most effective solution.


Our strategy is simple

    1. Keep engagement teams small and agile
    2. Deploy only hands-on, knowledgeable and expert staff and resources
    3. Create staff engagements with professionals who are dedicated to our firm and the client objective at hand

This strategy allows us to eliminate excessive managerial oversight, deploy our engagement teams through the end of a project, and keep project costs within budget.