Alt text Capstone Lawrence is a global consulting firm whose professionals possess both the technical expertise gained from years of industry knowledge coupled with the practical experience in hands-on leadership capacities directing/redirecting corporate operations in the pursuit of stated objectives. Partnering with the primary stakeholders in the Private Equity, Family Office and Venture Capital sectors, we collaboratively create the project plan and then become the execution team carrying out the on-site activities to achieve the objectives at hand.
While each project is different, we look to partake in the Pre-Acquisition, Acquisition and Post-Acquisition activities, to ensure an efficient, collaborative and successful outcome every time we step out into the field. We become an extension of the PE, FO and VC team and provide the needed expertise or bandwidth or advisory component (or all three) that allows our clients the confidence that their portfolio company is moving the needle on all of the important drivers needed for a successful acquisition and optimization of its optimization.
Capstone and Lawrence Financial Team Our work can start at the very top in Revenue and Sales management and then down into operations, administration and reporting, as well as, treasury and finance. We build a project plan around the portfolio company’s strengths, the client’s strengths and our strengths to produce the most effective solution.